Acne doesn’t go away because the powder you use has these 4 substances in it?

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One thing that people with oily and acne-prone skin tend to avoid is using powder to conceal acne. Because they often think that wearing makeup can make acne worse than before. But believe it or not, if we know how to choose oil-controlling powder that doesn’t clog pores and doesn’t cause acne, it will make applying makeup easy and not cause annoying acne problems as well.

4 acne-causing substances in powder

Talc / Talcum 

Found in talcum powder or even baby powder.Talcum powder contains asbestos as a component.When inhaled Cause allergies and pneumonia.When touching the skin Can cause allergies and clogged pores.


Silicone is a substance that gives smoothness to the skin. Gives a soft, smooth touch, spreads easily,
and has the ability to absorb oil. Whether it’s compact powder or loose powder. Most of them therefore contain silicone. It can also be found in other cosmetics such as foundation, primer, sunscreen cream, etc. Silicone is often found to be a cause of allergic reactions and clogged pores from coating the skin.
This makes the oil from the sebaceous glands  unable  to drain out. Who has chronic acne that won’t go away? : Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Look at the powders, creams, and cosmetics you use. Do their names end in  -cone, -siloxane, such as dimethicone, cyclomethicone, cyclohexasiloxane? If there is, stop using it. Acne will not come back again.


Mica, a natural mineral that gives the skin a shine like glitter. or a small shimmer Apply and it looks sparkling. Diffuse light to make the skin look radiant. With mica particles that are jagged, the surface is not smooth.
When applied, it causes irritation, cuts on the skin, allergic itching, and rashes.It also clogs the pores. It can also cause acne.
It is often found in Translucent loose powder or cosmetics that give a diffuse glow. Such as highlighters, blushes, etc. It is also often found in loose powders that claim to
For sensitive and acne-prone skin as well. Which of course you will lose when you use it. and has clogged pores Acne rashes spread as before.

Bismuth Oxychloride

This one many people overlook. And there is hardly anyone writing about it.
Due to its properties as small particles Provides good adhesion to the skin. When applied, it is smooth and shiny.
Therefore, it is often used as an ingredient that is often found in mineral makeup
or products that are applied to give a dewy glow to the skin, such as cushions and translucent loose powder. This substance, Bismuth Oxychloride, causes allergic reactions, rashes, and clogged pores.

Anyone who has ever had an allergic reaction to a legendary brand of translucent loose powder?
It’s because of this substance.