How to remove Speedial Search from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

The primary task of this tutorial is to explain why Speedial is flagged as a malicious web browser extension, how its payload gets into computers, what possible risks to user privacy may arise from its activity, and how the said virus can be removed from a compromised OS. screenshot

You never know what surprise can come wrapped up along with a random freeware download because there always has to be a commercial implication to the programs that needn’t be paid for from the start. While some unobtrusively suggest upgrading to paid version after a while, others install extra items without necessarily notifying the user in a proper way. For example, some multimedia players, video converters, file downloaders or browser add-ons out there can promote unwanted apps like Speedial, which is the subject matter of this article.

Once this adware gets dropped on a system, changes to the way that web browsers act are inevitable moreover the user isn’t asked for confirming these.

Consequences resulting from such an intrusion are modified homepage and preferred search engine settings. Both begin pointing to which is titled Speedial Search and serves as the main landing page for the virus. is a really close resemblance to the world’s largest search engine in terms of the page design; what is more, it redirects users to the latter whenever features like Images, Video, Shopping, News, Maps, and Games are clicked at the top. This fact means that providing quality online keyword lookup isn’t the ultimate goal pursued by Speedial authors – what they are really after is getting people to view ads above the fold, so there’s actually big money at stake. The adware proper ensures hits to the landing page, and the ad views then transform into profit.

A fair degree of this unwanted browser helper object’s persistence makes it a pain to get rid of. Neither typing in the correct values for the twisted preferences nor deleting the Speedial extension alone will do the trick. Removal of this adware thus requires applying a more advanced technique whose essence lies in eradicating the Speedial app from Control Panel and the attacked browsers, as well as using an automatic tool for a guaranteed fix.