Remove Sweet Page portal in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Explorer

The present article seeks to single out the essential characteristics of the computer virus called Sweet Page, in particular its propagation manner, activity on the target computer, analysis of the landing page at and, naturally, easy-to-follow removal instructions. screenshot

Remove Trovi virus: Uninstall search in Chrome, Firefox, IE

This tutorial has been created for users seeking aid with the elimination of the Trovi adware threat to take care of this problem through an easy-to-follow procedure. The post also encompasses a complete description of the Trovi Search infection as far as its spreading and activity on the contaminated PC are concerned. So read this carefully and get down to removal without further delay. landing page

How to remove Speedial Search from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

The primary task of this tutorial is to explain why Speedial is flagged as a malicious web browser extension, how its payload gets into computers, what possible risks to user privacy may arise from its activity, and how the said virus can be removed from a compromised OS. screenshot

Configuring and Debugging My Linode VPS with an SPF Record that Passes the Gmail Spam Filter

I have been having no end of problems with my outbound email messages sent by my Drupal sites since I switched from shared hosting to VPS hosting. A typical shared host offers a well configured SMTP server with documentation about how to configure the MX and SPF records. On the other hand, a VPS requires the administrator to install and configure the mail transfer agent, which can be surprisingly complex.


How to quickly configure superb subpixel hinted smooth fonts for openSUSE 12.3

Given the fact that many computer users spend many hours every day, if not the better portion of their waking hours staring at a computer screen, it’s surprising how few users seem to pay attention to the quality of font rendering. I frequently read Linux distro reviews, and rarely if ever do they mention font rendering quality. For me, a heavy computer user, top-notch font rendering is the most important feature after system stability.

The best WYSIWYG option for Drupal is no WYSIWYG

What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editors for Drupal are abundant. Good ones are not. Most WYSIWYG editors for Drupal produce messy markup and don’t respect the site’s CSS theme. Additionally, many of them don’t integrate well with Drupal and cause problems on certain browsers. Worse yet, almost none of them work on Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. There are a few decent WYSIWYG editors for Drupal that can produce decent markup if the writer uses the tool properly.

How to use Google CSE with Drupal

It’s been a long time since I visited my site’s Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) settings page. I was happy to see that in 2012 Google apparently added a new option to sort results by date, as well as site image searching. This should be a real boon for users. But at the same time, I noticed that under the Look and Feel settings, it now says that the iFrame display method is deprecated.

How caching saved my Drupal site and how I configured it

Every web developer dreams of seeing his sites finally “going big”. After months or even years of setup, configuration, content creation, bug-fixing, and digital sweat, patience is often rewarded with an influx of new visitors and signups… only to be followed by an error similar to this one:

Image removed.