Remove Sweet Page portal in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Explorer

The present article seeks to single out the essential characteristics of the computer virus called Sweet Page, in particular its propagation manner, activity on the target computer, analysis of the landing page at and, naturally, easy-to-follow removal instructions. screenshot

Remove Trovi virus: Uninstall search in Chrome, Firefox, IE

This tutorial has been created for users seeking aid with the elimination of the Trovi adware threat to take care of this problem through an easy-to-follow procedure. The post also encompasses a complete description of the Trovi Search infection as far as its spreading and activity on the contaminated PC are concerned. So read this carefully and get down to removal without further delay. landing page

How to remove Speedial Search from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

The primary task of this tutorial is to explain why Speedial is flagged as a malicious web browser extension, how its payload gets into computers, what possible risks to user privacy may arise from its activity, and how the said virus can be removed from a compromised OS. screenshot